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About Us

SMC Metal Fabricators was established in 1943 as a coal and fuel oil distributor. Performing maintenance welding became routine, and very quickly, SMC became well known for our ability to repair and do production welding on a variety of different parts. Soon after, metal fabrication machines were added to enhance the ability to provide more services to our customers. A few years later the coal and fuel oil businesses were abandoned for complete fabrication services. In the late 1980's the technological additions included Laser Cutting, CNC Punch / Form, Robotic Welding, a Powder Coating Line, and Assembly.

Today we are able to provide complete contract manufacturing and have positioned our company as a "Supplier of Choice" in the market segment that requires sheet metal and light plate fabricated products up to and including ½ inch thick.


1943 - Stelzner Manufacturing Company (SMC)

  • Coal and fuel services
  • Maintenance weld shop
  • Later becomes a job shop fab

1988 - SMC Division of Custom Industries

  • Full service fab shop
  • Powder coat value add
  • Light Assembly started

1993 - SMC Metal Fabricators, Inc. - New Ownership

  • Capital equipment commitment
  • Full service fab reputation

1997 - First laser cut machine brought in
1998/1999 - Consolidate 3 sites into a new 115,000 sq ft building designed for SMC Fabrication process flow
1999/2000 - Second laser, new shear and two new CNC press brakes

2018 - ISO 9001 Certified